Bachelor of Christian Counseling

C.C. Core Course
Examine any legal requirements for Christian Counseling in your State. Analyze ethics of Christian Counseling; Study Christian-Based Clinical Interventions. It is the student’s responsibility to identify pertinent licensing requirements.

B.C.C. 211: Biblical Emotion and Neural Processes.
Identify Biblical Emotion and Neural Processes. Examine Historical Christian Spiritual Foundations of Counseling. Focus on Biblical instruction for Pre – Marital relationships. Identify Spiritual, Cultural Elements; Discover God’s view of compassion and respect. Examine the correlation between Christianity and Psychotherapy.

BC.C. 220: Historical Christian Spiritual Foundations of Counseling
Identify Historical Christian Spiritual Foundations of Counseling Biblical gender roles are defined. A scriptural approach to: fighting your battles in relationships and a Biblical approach to admitting your mistakes. Provide Biblical World View compassion. Discover an authoritative overview of tolerance versus hatred. Study Important Figures in Christian Spirituality. Focus: Cultivate a Learning Environment of Love, Respect, and Purpose.

B.C.C. 240: Early Evangelical Activity in Psychology
Examine modern psychology with Christian interpretation and evaluation. Study the Biblical perspective on sexuality. Examine God’s intentions are for procreation. Man’s sexual identity defined according to God’s Word. Explore the relationship between psychology and religion.

B.F.G.F 245: Systematic Theology and Rationalist/Modernism
Study the coloration between Gospel Doctrine and Life. Explore Systematic Theology and Rationalist/Modernism. Identify Dangerous Doctrine. Examine Self-Contradictive Critiques. Differentiate between Relativistic Tolerance and Theology.

B.C.S.Ph. 265: of Christian Science, Philosophy
Bachelor of Christian Science Philosophy: Focus on the compatibility of faith and science. Gain insight on the gist of the Christian scientific argument for existence. Explore the Creator's transcendent source of destiny, reality, experience. Discover the Supreme Being through Christian philosophical science. Examine the 'reality' of the biblical tradition as explored through critical research. Discover human being as a biological. Examine man as a spiritual and social being.

To complete a bachelor’s degree program, students need to complete a senior project, essay, and 200 practicum hours.

Program Objective:
Students gain insight, through textbooks, on spiritual, psychological interventions, guidance on maintaining a well-balanced spiritual life; moreover, laying down the structural foundation for a successful Christian spiritual life, including spiritual guidance on depression, and anxiety. Students will study the Biblical definition of a godly home. Identify dysfunctional traits in the family unit, and study Christian-based clinical interventions.

Graduates: Using Christian Counseling textbooks, students gain the spiritual tools to, effectively, combat anxiety, depression, and dysfunction in the Christian home. Gain perspective on basic spiritual psychotherapy. Students can conduct spiritual interventions as a plan of action for spiritual crisis. Enrollees will have identified, using noted sources, his or her state's requirements for professional or ministerial Christian Counseling.