Doctorate of Christian Counseling
D.C.C. Core course
Examine the laws in your State for Christian Counseling requirements.

D.C.C. 422: Christian-Based Clinical Interventions
Focus on Christ-Based Clinical Interventions. Examine Christian Sayings and Their Use with Anxiety. Study Psycho-spiritual Interventions to Challenge Cognitive Distortions. Explore Christianity and Psychotherapy.

D.C.C. 440: A Discover Biblical communication skills
Explore the Biblical definition of a Christ center home. Explore Biblical goals for building a strong family unit. Study Signs of a Spiritually Abusive System. Discover Biblical communication skills in the Christian home.

D.C.C. 440B: Define Relevant Ethical, Spiritual Counseling Standards
Examine the Scriptures for Christian guidance in dealing with depression, anxiety, and Christ-like self-image. Examine: Spiritual Restoration. Define relevant ethical, spiritual counseling standards. Explore Divorce and Remarriage. Study Sexuality and the Sensuous Sphere.

D.L.D.D 555: Biblical Strategies for Aiding Others During Times of Disaster
Examine Biblical strategies for aiding others during times of disaster. Discover Scriptural guidance in managing time. Focus on the Biblical definition of leadership is, and how it relates to the believer's life.

D.C.S.Ph 444: Christian Science, Philosophy
Doctorate of Christian Science Philosophy: Focus on a philosophical look at Theistic Evolution. Discover theistic evolution is compatible with biblical teachings. Discover everything (except God) has a point of creation, compare, contrast, the term evolution and theistic evolution. Discover God's role in creation through making beings such as properties: size, weight, chemical composition, temperature, form, and structure. Study God's control of the structure of creation. From a theistic evolution standpoint, define the scientific theories of cosmological, geological, and biological evolution.

Complete a graduation exam. Perform 100-hour Practicum or Internship, and finally, create a dissertation – At least 100 pages with no less than 80 cited sources. The dissertation is sent to an independent evaluator for assessment.