Masters of Christian Counseling

M.C.C Core Course:
Examine any legal requirements for Christian Counseling in your State. Analyze ethics of Christian Counseling; Study Christian-Based Clinical Interventions.

M.C.C. 302: Structural Foundation for Spiritual Counseling
Focus on Clinical Vignette - Laying Down the Structural Foundation. Examine spiritual strength and God’s role as a healer in a believer’s life. Discover the Biblical definition of procreation and sexuality. Identify Cognition, Emotion, and psycho-spiritual perspectives

M.C.C. 303: Emotion and Neural Processes
Examine Emotion and Neural Processes. Identify Factors Affecting Human Behavior. Focus on God’s design for mending relationships. Examine Christian-Based Clinical Interventions. Focus on Important Figures in Christian Spirituality.

M.C.C. 304: External Factors Leading To Spiritual Abuse.
Examine The Development of Christian Churches. Evaluate Characteristics of Spiritual Abusers. Examine Spectrum of Spiritual Abuse. Discover External Factors Leading To Spiritual Abuse. Study the Narcissistic Leader.

M.C.C. 340: Focus on Cultural Values in psycho-spiritual Therapy.
Examine External Factors Leading To Spiritual Abuse. Identify Christian Sayings and Their Use With Depression. Study Internal Factors Leading To Spiritual Abuse. Focus on Cultural Values in psycho-spiritual Therapy.

M.C.C. 444 Examine “Antipsychology”
Examine “antipsychology”. Explore the misuse of Christian Counseling by conservative churches. Discover theological counseling as one dimension of psychotherapy. Discover the need for Christian Counseling remains separate from secular psychological therapy. Examine the conscious and the natural philosophy of Plato. Examine thirteenth-century French Bible of God designing the world.

M.C.E.H 477: Exegetical Fallacies
Focus on Exegetical Fallacies. Examine The Evidential Fallacy. Study The Superior Knowledge Fallacy. Explore Word Fallacies. Identify the fallacy of reading between the lines. Observe the Hebrew verb fallacy. Study the fallacy of ignoring particles. Explore the Fallacy of Reduction. Study the New Testament Exclusion Fallacy.

M.C.S.Ph 488: Christian Science Philosophy
Masters of Christian Science Philosophy: Differentiate between philosophical faith-based assertions vs. scientific truths. Explore science as an attribute of faith. Examine religious based scientific claims vs. scientific theories. Recognize the method of science, based on evidence, mathematical stringency, and plausible conjecture. Study the scientific, faith implications of human nature. Discover God's design through Christian Philosophical Science.