Master of Christian Early History

M.C.E.H 301: Survey of the Old Testament
Study a Survey of the Old Testament. Study the Abrahamic Covenant. Examine the life, legacy, meaning and significant of Abraham, Jacob, and Isaac. Examine the laws of God given to Moses, Ten Commandments, and their role in the Old Testament history. Examine Holy War, Holy Land.

M.C.E.H 304: the close of the Apostolic Age
Focus on the beginning of the Gnostic Crisis. Explore the Reformation. Examine the early Christian Community. Review the close of the Apostolic Age. Study the Gentile Christianity of the second century. Observe Christianity and the Roman Government.

M.C.E.H 333: Survey the New Testament
Survey the New Testament prophets and their message those in danger of judgment. Explore the Council of Nicaea; it’s effect on the Church.
Study: General Introduction to Mediaeval Church History.

M.Min 346: Biblical Ministerial study.
Focus on Bible resources. Explore concordances, contextual exegesis, and critical analysis. Discover various functions of a Biblically guided ministry. Focus on sharing the Gospel with potential believers. Examine devotionals and develop your own scriptural based devotional.

M.C.Ed 355: Biblical Principles for a Theology
Examine Biblical Principles for a Theology for Christian Education. Identify Educational Principles from the Scriptures. Explore Practical Implications for Christian Education.

M.C.E.H 439: Leading Causes for the Crusades.
Focus on the causes leading to the Crusades. Examine Pope Urban and The Idea of Crusading. Study the Council of Clermont. Examine the first battle of the Crusades under the guidance of Emico Count of Leiningen. Explore the Muslim world in c. 610 CE.

M.C.E.H 440 A.: Advanced Look At The Crusades.
Advanced focus on the Crusades. Examine The Medieval World. Differentiate between Crusades and wars of the Middle Ages. Study: The Christianity of the Roman Empire. Identify the decay of spiritual religion. Examine local heathen religions. Observe the growth of pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Study the Battle of Nineveh.

M.C.E.H 440 B.: Advanced Look At The Crusades.
Focus on the Crusades after the treaty with King Omara. Observe the factors attributed to the theoretical, expectation, end of the world in A.D. 1000. Examine the appeal of the Greek World to Western Christendom. Study the increased burdens of Christian pilgrims. Identify the oppression of Christians in Palestine.

M.C.E.H. 488: Dark Ages to the Renaissance
Focus on the Dark Ages. Examine the first millennium; people lived on the verge of starvation. Examine the pope's declaration of Holy War. Explore the Dawn of the Renaissance. Examine the hope of a better future with improved technology.

M.C.S.Ph 488: Christian Science Philosophy
Masters of Christian Science Philosophy: Differentiate between philosophical faith-based assertions vs. scientific truths. Explore science as an attribute of faith. Examine religious based scientific claims vs. scientific theories. Recognize the method of science, based on evidence, mathematical stringency, and plausible conjecture. Study the scientific, faith implications of human nature. Discover God's design through Christian Philosophical Science.

All Master degree candidates are required to do a Master's Thesis, of at least 100-pages, and 200 contact hours