Evergreen Christian University
 An Online Virtual Bible Institute

 Welcome to Forest Bible Institute. FBI is an affordable online Christian Bible institute offering a variety of classes and degree programs; providing students exploring Christian correspondence education, an opportunity to earn a 'religious exempt' degree with sound biblical doctrine, focusing on Christian academic excellence, for fourteen years.
Washington Student Achievement Council


J. Cyr, D.C.Phil
Administrator: President of Evergreen Christian University

Bishop Dr. Bradley Carey
Chancellor of South Carolina
Dr Subramonian, ECU Chancellor India

Bishop, Dr. Veronica A.
Training in Ministerial training Coordinator/ Professor

Pastor Dr. Aaron D. Lint
Chair: Basic Bible Studies Professor

Bishop Dr. Charles E. Sanders, Jr.
Student Advisor/ Full Gospel Fundamentals Professor

Bishop Dr. Roy F. Bright, Jr.
Student Advisor/ Evangelism Professor

Dr. Paul Richardson
Executive Officer

Dr. Joyce Leggette
Senior Editor/Publisher,(A friend to ECU)

Rev. Giuseppe De Francesco D.D.
ECU Representative Italy

J. A. Cyr, D.C.Ph
RFM Private Christian Publishing

Raining Faith Ministry

Evergreen Credential Evaluation.

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